We Enrich the Navigator calling by Empowering Asian American Staff and Equipping the greater Navigator family through the Unique Influence of our Asian Culture.

About Us


Seeking to listen, understand, and value each individual.


Moving toward unity and community by utilizing the influence of relationships to advance our calling as Navigators.


Fixing our eyes on Jesus and our goal; adapting and translating various Navigator methods and procedures as needed in different ministry contexts.



Ordinary Laborers
Karl and Michelle Wang, who were influenced by Navigator staff Ken and Cheri Chi, share their story about impacting the next generation.

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Many Colors: Cultural Intelligence for a Changing Church
From discussions about cultural and racial histories, to reviews of case-study churches and Christian groups that are succeeding in bridging ethnic divides, Soong-Chang Rah provides a practical and hopeful guidebook for Christians wanting to minister more effectively in diverse settings.

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Bridging the Diversity Gap: Leading Toward God’s Multi-Ethnic Kingdom
How can the church more accurately reflect the vision of God's kingdom, gathering together every tribe and nation? It all begins with leaders whose minds and hearts have been transformed by the gospel. Through this book, Alvin Sanders offers a how-to resource for Christian leaders to lead their organizations in a majority-minority, multi-ethnic America.

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